What legacy will the world cup leave?

Here is a video from Sky News that shows the effects of the World cup on football in South Africa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w36EAXXkgFk More

African Brothers Football Academy

Social Enterprise is Top of the League

For one investor, putting money into an Enterprise that is not only self-financing, but creates employment and goes some way to help change the status quo, it can only be a win/win situation. Written by Sheree Hanna. More

Coaches Across Continents is Back!

The Coaches to Continents Programme will be offered (free of charge) at the African Brothers Football Academy! Although the current dates are 21st - 25th October), bookings are welcome. The programme includes training sessions with the coaches. All are welcome including; outside groups / NGOs / Parents / Teachers / ... More

Expresso – Omo Promo

We had the opportunity to get some fantastic local exposure thanks to Expresso. More

Listen Up!

LISTEN UP! 20 teams needed enter now! Mihlali Morris Floating Trophy Tournament Sunday May 20th African Brothers Football Academy (ABFA) Invites you to participate in our fund raising eveng in honour of Mihlali Morris a treasured member of ABFA. Mihlali has endured a double kidney transplant ... More

ABFA prize giving 2012

    ABFA end of the season 2012 prize giving with special guest presenter Richard Gough. Richard Gough was a regular member of the Scottish international team, he has played for his country 33 times, seven of them in his first season with Spurs. He was born in Stockholm but brought up in Johannesburg. Th... More

Woodstock Police Department and ABFA created a great day for Kids

On Wednesday the 12th of December 70 kids had a great time playing soccer with the Woodstock police department at the African Brothers Football Academy. First the ABFA coaches gave the kids special training exercises and afterwards a 5-A-Side tournament capped the day off perfectly. After the tournament the kids ... More

Show your support!

Dear Friends, family, football supporters and voters! The African Brothers Football Academy (ABFA) would like to thank you for all your support over the last few years! Your participation, use of our facilities and attendance at our events has allowed our organization to provide a platform where people can enjoy a game ... More

Masigcine a Pictorial

Thank you to all the people who helped make the Masicgine Children's Home Benefit an outstanding success! To all the support and staff. The referees and caterers. Naturally the teams and sponsors. And certainly not least our fantastic spectators! More

Masigcine Children´s Home Benefit

African Brother Football Academy together with Masigcine Children´s Home will be hosting a 5 vs 5 Tournament on the 10th of November 2012 to raise funds for 20 HIV AIDS orphans. The funds generated from this event will ensure these children have a memorable and special Christmas. We cordially invite you to ... More