Sponsor a team


Our teams are the core of our academy. By sponsoring one of the 4 league teams, you will not only support the successful league participation of the very promising youngsters, you will also be visible on the shirts and you get exclusive media coverage on how ´your´ team is doing.

You will be investing in the future. We have high aspirations for all our teams.The price of team sponsorship is R6000 per year. Please contact us if you would like to sponsor a team.

Sponsor a coach


We have highly skilled coaches that work with our academy out of passion, love of football and their belief in the academy. Some of them played for their home countries or on a professional level. Most of the time they have to create income for not only themselves, but also their families. Therefore their time at the academy is sometimes limited. By sponsoring their involvement, you can significantly increase their impact at the academy. From only R5000 per year you can be the one making it possible. And at the same time you can profit yourselve, e.g. by organising personal training sessions for you and your company.

Sponsor a player


There is a huge pool of talent within our academy. The dream of becoming a professional player might become reality for some individuals. But they need support. It should not be a lack of training equipment that should be between them and the fulfilment of their dreams.

You can help. You can sponsor a player, pay his annual membership fee and the training equipment and become an exclusive partner in his or her early career. This involvement starts at only R300 per month and can make a big difference.

Sponsor a Board

African Brothers is pleased to present your company with an excellent opportunity to advertise on our brand new 5-a-side courts. Sponsoring a board will ensure your company advert has exposure 6 days a week (1 pm-7 pm).

Demographics of players:

Children from age 5 upwards
Gardens community
Corporate teams
African Brother Football Academy teams

Single Board Pricing:

Monthly Rental – R470 (Minimum 12 month contract. Total – R5600)
Upfront annual rental – R4760 (includes 15% discount)

Board rental includes 1hr free private court rental per month (off-peak times)

General enquiries: info@abfa.co.za

Craig Hepburn
Tel: (+27) 072 425 5983
E-mail: craig@abfa.co.za