5 For Change 2012

  • February 23, 2012


5 for Change is an annual black tie fundraiser dedicated to raising awareness about 5 inspiring social enterprises which are changing the way Cape Town gives back.

5 For Change approached ABFA to join the fundraiser because they are an organization that has made milestones of progress over the last few years; both in developing the football academy & in creating a safe environment for the youth to learn and play. ABFA’s Director, Craig Hepburn, says: “It is a great opportunity to create awareness for our Buy a Brick Campaign and also gives people the option to assist with the development of learning and soccer programmes in South Africa.”

Where the flagship academy now stands, only a few years ago there was a neglected, run-down, vandalised area that attracted drug dealers and criminals. Through sheer determination, the vision of creating a place that could benefit the community and uplift children from different cultural backgrounds has become a reality. The campaign “Buy a Brick – Build a Dream” is a meaningful way for individuals and businesses to become involved in contributing towards the growth and nurturing of our youth. This campaign’s objective is to raise the necessary funding to build a centre for learning and excellence, where our “youngstars” can have life skills workshops, do their homework, have access to a library, and so much more. With the ‘no homework – no play’ policy, “youngstars” will be encouraged to focus on their schoolwork first and foremost.

ABFA believes that this vision will also lend favourably towards developing the local football environment with programmes focused on coaching coaches, mentorship and football education. Hepburn comments that: “Football is a popular sport and medium to bring people together – it can assist with and take some pressure off South African education programmes and school development.”

5 For Change invites you to join in making a difference on 21st January 2012 at The Runway with Jeremy Loops, iScreamStix and the Wedding DJ´s!

Change the way you think about philanthropy! Change the way you give!

Tickets available from ticketbreak.co.za
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