Buy a Brick Campaign


Where the flagship academy now stands, only a few years ago there was a neglected, run-down, vandalised area that attracted drug dealers and criminals. Through sheer determination, the vision of creating a place that could benefit the community and uplift children from different cultural backgrounds has become a reality. Our campaign “Buy a Brick – Build a Dream” is a meaningful way for individuals and businesses to become involved in contributing towards the growth and nurturing of our youth.

This campaign’s objective is to raise the necessary funding to build a centre for learning and excellence, where our “youngstars” can have life skills workshops, do their homework, have access to a library, and so much more.

In order to redevelop the existing African Brothers clubhouse into a top class facility, including changing rooms, study centre and canteen/restaurant we invite you to Buy a Brick and help us Build a Dream.

General enquiries:

Craig Hepburn 
Co Founder & Director – Management & Coach
Tel: (+27) 072 425 5983

Download the Architects Design Proposal here.