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ABFA General Notice

The African Brothers Football Academy is a Proprietary Limited Company that was created and functions for public benefit. ABFA does not and will not distribute its "profits" to shareholders. Any money earned by ABFA is used for the purpose of providing sporting facilities to Schools and people regardless of their ability to pay. The City of Cape Town has ... More

Sign the Petition

News Headlines: City of Cape Town partners with ABFA to develop community football project OR Cape Town City Council closes down community football project Have your say ! The African Brothers Football Academy is faced with a court order from the Cape Town City Council to close the facility on the 16th of March 2012. After 5 years of successfully ... More

5 For Change 2012

AFRICAN BROTHERS FOOTBALL ACADEMY TO SHOWCASE AT 5 FOR CHANGE 2012 5 for Change is an annual black tie fundraiser dedicated to raising awareness about 5 inspiring social enterprises which are changing the way Cape Town gives back. 5 For Change approached ABFA to join the fundraiser because they are an organization that has made milestones of progress ... More

Arena 5z Summer Cup

THE ABFA WEDNESDAY LEAGUE STARTS ON 1ST FEBRUARY 2012! The League will run for 5 weeks and consist of one game per team, every Wednesday evening between 6pm and 8pm (50min games), i.e. 5 games per team guaranteed. Please note that league applications are now closed. Week 1-3: 2 groups of 4 teams will play round robin; Week 4&5: Cup and Plate ... More

Holiday Special

5-A-SIDE ARENA DISCOUNTS Book an arena from now until the 9th of January 2012 at discounted holiday rates! All 5z Arena bookings before 6pm will be priced as follows: 1 hour booking @R200 (usually R250) 2 hour booking @R300 (usually R500) More